Digital GameplanYour map to a digital future.

Digital Gameplan

The Five point command to your digital success.

With a digital compass and map in hand it will be far easier for you to plot your course onwards to digital growth. We systematically review these points and evaluate them, and this will provide a framework for a forward-looking strategy.

What is a digital gameplan made of?

  • Preparation of product and service description to focus on in the digital game plan.

  • A thorough analysis of the segment you want to target and their behavior will provide a solid starting point. From there we will be able to develop specific buyer personas that will enable us to streamline and maximize targeting and strategy.

  • Persona and Job-to-be-Done focused competitor analysis as well as proposals for differentiation and possible positioning.

  • After careful consideration and preliminary footwork, a business-oriented goal is set up for your online marketing in the digital gameplan.

  • The overall strategy for achieving the proposed goal. The amount of traffic, contacts and customers that should be generated and how it should be done.

  • Suggestions for campaign plan and content calendar. What is needed for the strategy to succeed and the goals to be achieved.

  • What platform requirements arise when implementing the proposal for the digital game plan, what is "need to have" and what is "nice to have" as well as the costs associated with the plan.

Measureable results

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